Sydney Royal Easter Show

On Sunday, me and Michael spent the day at the Sydney Royal Easter Show with his sister, Catriona, and his nephews, Aaron and Reuben. It’s been 6 or 7 years since I went there last, so it was interesting to go back, although in all this time, it hasn’t changed a lot.

We left the apartment at about 9am and by the time we parked and brought tickets, we made it in right at opening time, when it was still pretty quiet. We started out by doing the animal walk, and since Michael had done it 2 days before and I’ve seen all the animals before since I have family in the country, we rushed through it a little and left Catriona and the boys to go at their own pace. We did stop at the animal nursery though, since I have a thing for baby animals. It was mostly baby sheep and goats in there, plus a calf or 2, but we got to go right in the pen with all the animal roaming around. This seemed to be a favourite with the little kids. There were ducklings and baby chickens as well, and even an incubator to watch the eggs hatch, although we didn’t really see much action there. We also stopped at the dogs and birds, although somehow neither of us took a single picture of the dogs. I guess since there were so many owners around them, it felt a little weird.

I had an awesome time in the craft pavillion though. There was so much inspiration! We saw paintings, photographs, cake decorating and lots of random other crafts. There was even so scrapbooking inspiration there. I really wish I could paint and take photos as good as what they had on display. I felt pretty inspired by the colours and shapes, that’s for sure!

We had a look through the fresh food pavillion as well. They had lots of samples in there, which was good. Things like yoghurt, ice cream, nuts and seed mixes, sushi and macaroons… Yum!! I had a good time walking through there and trying new things too.

By the time we finished at the fresh food pavillion, we decided to head for a proper lunch. We both decided that we wanted to rest for a little, so we went to a steak house that was there. Michael had ribs, and I had a seafood basket, although to be honest, I didn’t think the seafood was that good except for the calamari. There were lots of options around for food though. There were stands for cobs of corn covered in butter (so good!), cheese on a stick, fresh lemonade, ice cream, pies, hotdogs and about a million other choices! Most of it was basic fast food though.

After lunch, we sat to watch some dancers and the circus display in the bigtop arena. For some reason I didn’t even think to get the camera out during the circus display though, until right at the very end. I was so awestruck by the display! There was one girl who did aerial acrobatics hanging from a ring at the top of the bigtop… Most of the time she wasn’t even attached to it at all, and was just swinging on it or bearly gripping it! I was so impressed by it! There were another 2 guys that did some acrobatic displays with flips, chair balancing, and break dancing moves, and the young kid even climbed a long pole that was balanced on another guys shoulders to do tricks! I was super impressed by it all. I haven’t been to the circus since I was really little and I’m so glad we took the time to watch it!

We managed to meet up with Catriona and the boys at the garden pavillion, and we decided we’d go and get seats for the grand finale entertainment.

We were there from a little after 5pm, so we got to see a fair bit. First up we saw a police and horse display, then there was a tent pegging competition, where teams of 4 would gallop up with spears to catch markers on the group. The teams got points for how many they succeeding in getting between them, and then they went on to do the same with with swords. It was a pretty impressive demonstration of riding! There was a riot squad demonstration next, which was fun to watch, then afterwards was a rodeo with people from NSW and QLD competing for the title. NSW won, of course! That was really exciting to watch since I’ve never been to a rodeo before! Dirt bike riding was next, with 3 guys who performed stunts between a massive jump, and a 4th guy who rode a quad doing similar tricks. They all managed to flip on them going over the gap too. So fun! I can bearly even ride on flat surfaces, so I was well impressed!

We all thought the fireworks display was a bit of a let down. I was testing out the fireworks setting on the new camera and managed to get a few good shots, but overall, there was very little colour to them, mostly reds. I like fireworks best when they come in lots of different colours though. Still, it was fun to watch.

We didn’t leave until about 9pm, and while it was a long day, it was seriously fun! Thanks, Babe, for organising this! I love you!


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