Yesterday in Numbers

  • 1 of us waking up with a cold and feeling crappy
  • 2 pieces of cheese and tomato toast for brekkie
  • 30 minutes in the shower and to get dressed and ready to head out
  • 1 coat of paint added to my canvas
  • 35 minutes of waiting for Michael to go into the car shop and spend lots of money
  • 1 ball of wool purchases
  • 2 knitting needles purchased
  • 24 hollow coloured Easter eggs purchased
  • 3 tuna and avocado sushi wraps for lunch
  • 1 mango magic smoothie from Boost juice
  • 0 tops for wedding purchased since Jay Jays didn’t have what I was after
  • $18.50 spent throughout the day by me… A lot more by Michael!
  • 4 stops at different places once we left home
  • 2 hours  – the amount of time we were out
  • 8 different shops that we went into
  • 1 garage sale we checked out
  • 2 new iPhone apps downloaded (Sydney Royal Easter Show and Westfield apps)
  • 4 loads of washing done today
  • 2 hours was also the amount of time that I had a nap for
  • 6 servings of carbonara made for dinner, which means 4 lots of left overs
  • 1 Easter egg finished up this evening
  • 1 blog post typed out way too late at night
  • 0 photos taken over the course of the day

Today was a pretty average day. When I wake up sick, I feel super unmotivated to do anything. We were planning on heading to the Central Coast to visit my family and Michael’s best friend, but with me feeling so crappy, neither of us felt like driving up for a few hours since it’s an hour and a half each way. It was a nice day of relaxing and recovering though.

Tomorrow is looking to be a much better day. We’ll be getting up nice and early to head to the Sydney Royal Easter Show with Michael’s sister and his 2 nephews. I’m super excited for it. It’s been about 6 or 7 years since I last went, so it’ll be fun. I’m looking forward to seeing the circus there, and also exploring the craft exhibitions and the fresh food dome. Should be a good day. And lots of photos to make up for the lack of photos today. That cheers me up a lot!


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