I always forget how much I love writing. I used to keep a diary in an old exercise book when I was younger, always writing in nice coloured pens. I’m not sure how long I kept it up, but I stopped when I found out my sister was snooping through it, and unfortunately have no idea what happened to it over time.

When I hit high school, I started letter books with 3 different friends. We would be super creative and do fancy coloured borders on each page and write long letters back and forth, usually every day or 2. When we weren’t writing in the books, we’d send other letters folded in cool ways. We kept this up for a couple of years. I don’t actually have any of these letter books anymore. A few years after school, I ended up throwing them, since I was no longer as close to the people I shared them with. Now it makes me a little sad that they’re gone, but really, they didn’t make much sense rereading them as many conversations went on in between so there were lots of gaps in what was happening.

Some sample borders I used for letters

And some more samples

And some more…

And the last of them. These are just some of my favourites

Even some of my school books were decorated. I did LOTE (Languages Other Than English) where I learnt basic Japanese and French, and every page in these books was also coloured in. When I studied the hobbit in year 8 English, the pages were the same, with maps and character drawings to go with it. I loved it! It’s no surprise that in year 11 I started out doing 4 unit English (the highest high school level), where you basically just have one major work over the 2 years. I had all these grand ideas for my project, but had a lot of trouble narrowing it down and starting, so I dropped the class in year 12, although I don’t think I ever lost my interest in writing.

The cover for a school assignment for the book, The Hobbit

Another example from the same school assignment. Every page was coloured in completely!

After uni, I started travelling every year or so. Even while travelling I tend to write lots, and have kept a travel diary each trip I go on. These can be pretty in depth too, with one day spanning quite a few pages. They don’t just include information about what we do either. Instead they tend to include details about likes and dislikes, quotes, little bits of the language, things to try, adventures and random bits of trivia about the places we’re at. I still have every one of these diaries, and I’ll be keeping these ones for a very long time, since I plan on making travel albums and using them for journalling.

My collection of travel diaries so far

A sample of writing from my trip to Mauritius. The table on the left was a drawing of some casino game we played while there

Back in November, I signed up for Oh Life, and have found it to be an awesome online diary. The way it works is that you sign up and receive emails each day that you can simply reply to and they’ll be saved in a online diary. I’ve been keeping this every day since, and I now have 140 days of entries. Some are long entries, others are short ones. Some are about what I’m doing, others are about my thoughts and feelings. Some have interesting facts, others are random dot points. Overall, I love having such an in depth record of my life, and it’s been an amazing reminder of why I love writing. You can even upload a photo each day. And the best part is, you can export your entries to print and keep or use elsewhere! I’m yet to try this, but plan on doing it every 6 months. This website has inspired me to write again, and to tell my own story more, which is always a good thing!

And now, I have my blog. It’s still a work in progress, and I plan on continuing to update it every second day or so for now. I still need to make it look much nicer, and I’m hoping to make a nice header in the next couple of weeks, but for now, it hasn’t happened. I find that recording my life here and on my blog is fantastic. I tend to keep more private thoughts in my diary, but this blog is more visual, which I love. Overall, I’m loving blogging so far!


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