I brought a new Camera!!

I went looking at cameras last week, but Michael talked me out of buying one at this point, telling me I should look up reviews first. I was adamant that I wanted the Sony Cybershot w630 though. It was an awesome purple colour, and the best model of Sony point and shoot that was available at the shop we were at. I took his advice though, and came home and looked up the camera. Once I looked up the camera, I wanted it even more! 16.1 megapixels, 5 x zoom, 4 creative modes, 360 degree panoramas, nice big screen… I’m hooked!

I ended up going looking around on Saturday again. I ended up buying the camera in pink, and then decided I really wanted to the purple one, which wasn’t at the first shop. I realised that I could use $80 of vouchers that I got from work at the original place where I saw the camera, so I returned the pink one about 20 minutes after I brought it. I drove to the place with the purple camera, and it turns out they had a 10% off sale, so I guess it was a good thing that I waited! The camera was originally $198, but with $20 off and $80 of vouchers, it ended up only costing me $100! Talk about a bargain!

My point and shoot up until now has been an older cybershot (a cybershot DSC-W55). It only had 7.2 megapixels, 3 x zoom, no panorama or creative modes and seemed to take some pretty dark pictures at times. I never seemed to mess with half of the settings on there, so I didn’t know it as well as I should, I guess. I got it at the airport on my first overseas trip in 2008, and it’s been on every other trip since. And I take it everywhere with me, since it lives in my handbag. As much as I love that camera, it was definitely time for an upgrade, and I am so super happy with this purchase!

I set it up Sunday morning so we could take it to Michael’s parents place for the afternoon. I figured his nieces and nephews would be there, and they have an amazing garden, so there would be plenty of photo opportunities! Michael ended up taking the first picture on it, a horrible one of me, but I took a fair few pictures of his parents’ gardens. Even though it’s now autumn here, they still have quite a few flowers in bloom there, so I got to take quite a few pictures.

These pics are all unedited, and just using auto setting, since I didn’t mess with the settings until after.

The verdict? I love it! I’m really looking forward to learning the settings a lot better and playing around with the creative modes. I was super happy to see settings on there for fireworks, food photography and pet photography, which is certainly a lot different to what I’m used to! And size-wise… This camera is tiny compared to the old one, and that was small! I know I have a DSLR (more about that sometime later) but I love having a small camera I can keep in my bag and take EVERYWHERE with me, so it’s so much more versatile!


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