I don’t get to bake cakes often. With only 2 of us, we tend not to get through a cake, or even a batch of cupcakes, so I don’t really bother baking. The thing is, I love making cakes and other sweets! I’ve been thinking of making a batch of cupcakes for awhile, just because, but I held off knowing there was no one to share with. But since tomorrow is the last day at work before the long weekend for Easter, and we’re already having a pizza day, I figured why not bake some!

I’ve spent the evening baking 2 batches today. One was a butter cake mix, and the other was chocolate, with my favourite icing that is melted chocolate mixed with a little bit of cream. It’s so good once it sets on them, but runny as hell in the mean time! It took me all evening baking and cleaning the kitchen, but I love the results! Lot’s of cupcake-y goodness! Hopefully they taste as good as they smell!


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