Wall Art

One of my favourite things about my craft room is my wall decal. I love wall decals, and I’ve looked around to buy a few, but usually find them to be quite expensive once you add shipping to Australia to the price. Quote ones tend to be some of my favourite choices for wall art though.

Because of the price, I decided to experiment to try and make my own. I brought a cheap roll of red contact, printed out my quote in big letters and glued them onto the back of the contact. I had to cut each letter out individually with scissors, and realised why most people just buy their wall art! It took me forever to cut out the letters!! It was good having a supply of TV episodes on hand to watch while cutting, otherwise it became quite tedious!

Half way through, I realised that I should probably test out the contact by sticking it on the wall, since we have concrete walls that very little sticks to. I couldn’t help but think that after spending about 6 hours cutting letters so far, it would be just my luck that they wouldn’t stick! Turns out they stuck beautifully to the wall though, which made me quite happy!

When I finally made it through cutting all of the letters, I realised that the quote turned out much bigger than I expected, which would make it harder to hang straight. I spent some time debating my options to get it hanging straight, and then decided that masking tape was my new best friend! I went through and stuck each letter to the tape row by row. As I was done each one, I climbed on my craft desk and stuck it down reasonably straight. It worked much better than going one letter at a time, that’s for sure! I taped up all 4 rows rows up pretty easily in a night.

Once all of the rows were on the wall, I realised how long it would still take to stick each letter. I spent about 3 nights doing it, because I kept getting frustrated with peeling the backing off each letter. I’m glad I took the time to do it though, because I do really love the end result!

I’m not sure why I choose this quote. I was looking around online and saw quite a few different choices to use, but when I finally narrowed it down to 3 options, this was the one that printed the best and looked the easiest to cut. And based on it’s location in my craft room, it was the best choice out of the 3 for crafty inspiration. It’s a good reminder to be myself and do things my way when I’m crafting, which is something I occasionally need reminding of. I see so many cool projects online that it’s sometimes easy to forget that I do some pretty cool things myself, so I think it fits well!


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