Date night!

Michael and I try to go on regular date nights at least once a month. On Sunday, we had our most recent date. We headed to the gold class cinema near our place and saw Hunger Games. It was great to have an evening out, and it was a great excuse to dress up in heels and let my hair out! We went to an earlier screening to try to avoid the late night rush and so it didn’t end up being too late a night since we both work tomorrow. The movie started at about 6.30pm.

I love date nights with this guy!!

The good thing about gold class is that it’s a small cinema with only about 32 recliner armchairs. You can order food to come out while your there too, to be delivered to you at any point of the movie. While it can work out an expensive night, it’s still great fun every so often! While there, we ordered sundae’s as a movie snack and they were so good! They come out in these giant fish bowl things, and it was enough ice cream in both for us to have split either one of them, even though they were supposed to be individual serves. I had a brownie one that was chocolate heaven!

I really enjoyed the movie, but found that there were times it seemed a little rushed and didn’t hugely explain what was going on. This was especially the case at the start, where we were left wondering what why the hunger games were created. Overall, I managed to piece together the story as it went, but Michael didn’t like it as much because of the lack of explaining what was going on. I don’t want to give any spoilers, but I’m definately looking forward to starting to read the books now!!


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